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The documentary is a trip in the region of the Mouhoun, Burkina Faso, one of the poorest areas of the world, where different ethnic group and religions live together. In this land, where the most basic means of transport and communication are lacking, a radio bridges this gap.
Radio Frequence Espoir covers a range of 120 km trough the region, transmits 17h per day in 8 different languages plus French. Today the radio boasts 1 million listeners. This kind of radio goes physically to work into the villages and people from villages go to the radio.
If we trace an imaginary line of the ways and the meetings done, it comes out the drawing of a web that is
nothing else than the representation of the network of relationships that are creates.
The decision to enter into this world through a communication center so related to the territory, with which it
is constantly in a relationship, it becomes a great way to give a first wide look and move free in this land. It
is also a way to live from inside slices of life of this region, and focusing on small elements or suggestions,
proposing problematics that not necessarily we can see resolved. The encounters made along the rout, give
way to small deviations, and allow us to move over for a while and go on again. In this way, a sort of erratic
narrative is obtained, representation of the daily mechanisms.
In this area, working with communication is not easy, plans are subject to change often and man is still
influenced by fate, in this way depriving himself of the opportunity to develop a conscious project to build a
future. In any case Cedicom’s workers are present everyday to carry on the activities.

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