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We are an independent production company engaged in the development and production of engaging, well-produced motion picture films. Writing, producing, directing, shooting, editing and whatever else we decide a project requires of us.

The Arbor Avenue Films team is made up of John Whitney and Phil Garrett, collaborators and writer/director/producers.

We make work and tell stories across media and genre. Narrative film, documentary, experimental, music video, commercials, theatre, live cinema, and virtual technologies. With an eye toward the cinematic, our goal is to use the moving image to tell stories with a grounding in humanity, no matter the genre.

As a part of our production and development process, we cultivate talent in order to produce films with an eye toward overall quality and appeal. When it comes to building a team for a project and collaborating with others, we seek talented individuals who are dedicated to creating work of surpassing quality.

Phil Garrett
John Whitney

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