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  2. 41:07

    Art and Design

    by Arcadia University

    20 Videos

    Art and Design majors at Arcadia are part of a close-knit campus arts community, building personal connections with faculty and their fellow students.

  3. 02:15

    Countdown to Move In Day 2014

    by Arcadia University

    9 Videos

    Arcadia University welcomes the Class of 2018 on August 22, 2014.

  4. 06:26

    Uberti Encourages Patience, Passion to Cultivate Success

    by Arcadia University

    3 Videos

    On April 21, award-winning visual journalist Oliver Uberti presented “Snails Are Actually Pretty Good Role Models: Perhaps a New Way of Looking at Life After Art School” at Arcadia University…

  5. 12:22

    I am a Knight

    by Arcadia University

    13 Videos

    These 12 Knights found their passions and made them real. At Arcadia, you can too. See yourself here by becoming a Knight and deposit now at

  6. 03:47

    2013 Citizenship Challenge at the National Constitution Center

    by Arcadia University

    3 Videos

    Students from 10 elementary schools in the Philadelphia region presented essays in song, skit, and video format at the National Constitution Center (NCC) on Dec. 11 for the finals of an essay contest…

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