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Arch Motorcycle Company was born out of a multi-year collaboration between veteran motorcycle builder, Gard Hollinger and well-known actor, Keanu Reeves, who share a passion for motorcycles. In 2007 Keanu approached Gard about customizing a favorite ride.

This first prototype is the result of a five year collaboration with the goal of building a custom motorcycle focused on it’s ride-ability, in the process Arch Motorcycle Company was founded. The groundbreaking ride is characterized by power and stability, it’s agile, comfortable and built without compromise. The goal was achieved, cementing the commitment to further refine it and offer it as our first production motorcycle.
This first model is currently in the industrial design process.

Follow our progress as we work toward having a fully realized production version in the testing phase by the beginning of 2013. Production of all our models will be limited, making ownership a unique and coveted experience.

Our goal will always remain the same: To create exclusive modern motorcycles, influenced by classic design, and most importantly… that beg to be ridden.