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ARC Pictures is the brainchild of filmmaker Aliakbar Campwala who is also a media graduate from the University of Bedfordshire.

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With a group of creative, talented and innovative individuals involved in the team we aim to create genre-defining, ground-breaking films for an ever changing global audience.

Jahaan: Music Video
Nominated for Best Pop song and Act in Indiego Music Awards in 2011

The Outflight Proposal
Winner for the Commercial Competition for AirAsia Airlines.

Short films

Nominated as one of the best Indian short film in 2011 on
Screened at numerous private screenings in India

Filmaka Jury film for 'The Other Side' to be judged by a Hollywood jury in LA
Shot in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the best Malaysian and British talent

Crazy Liza:
Winner of Filmaka 'Race against the Clock' Competition in Los Angeles
Screened at the 'Luton Art Festival 2010'

I am Pregnant:
Filmaka 'Jury film' to be judged by a Hollywood Jury in Los Angeles
Screened at the 'Luton Art Festival 2010'

Made for the 48 Hour film challenge for the London Sci- Fi film festival 2010
It was screened in the 'Apollo Cinemas' at Piccadilly Circus during the festival.

You want a Sandwich:
Entry Winner of the Annual Filmaka 'Wild Card' Competition for 2009/ 2010
Worldwide Distribution in a short film DVD compilation of selected directors all over the world in 'It's a Kid's World' available through

I'm Julie
Final year Media project for the University of Bedfordshire.
Screened at the 'Hat Factory Cinema' Luton in May 2009
Worldwide Distribution of the film on DVD 'A Moment of Youth' Compilation of films from directors around the world. DVD available at

From Curry to Worry
Made for the 'Professionals' theme as a pitch for a TV series in U.S.A

Alibaba and the Forty Sales
Screened at the Riverside Studios, London
Screened at the 'B-Fest Arts Film Festival Luton' in 2009
Screened at the 'Hat Factory Cinema' in Luton

Voice of a Taxi Driver
An experimental documentary on a taxi driver's life filmed in Mumbai, India in 2008

Independent filmmaker based in the UK.
More info at
Videos on Vimeo
Twitter me at

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