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ArcticON Productions specializes in full-service: film / photo / adventures production in Iceland and Greenland
Travelers experience
Visitors adventures
All kind of promo material
Short films & features
Music videos
Photo shoots
TV segments
Events & workshops

From location scouting and logistics, production assistance to equipment rental, we handle all production needs. We call upon the best in the industry to ensure the highest quality production service.

Our experienced filmmakers and photographers have worked with dozens of renowned brands including:

Adidas // Hugo Boss // Vodafone // Mercedes Benz // Men’s Health // Sjova // Land Rover // Glenfiddich // The Telegraph // Grazia // Bjork // Skyr // BT // Fiat // Bran Flakes // Guns N’ Roses // Smirnoff // Toyota // IcelandAir // Powerade // McDonalds // Sigur Ros // Tuborg // Canon // Channel 2 Iceland // Nike

Whether shooting still or film ArcticON provides the full range of production services and partners with the best in the industry to ensure a smooth, efficient shoot.

On-location & studio photography
Underwater & aerial shooting
Location scouting
Production equipment
Model & talent casting
Storyboarding & pre-production
Behind-the-scenes shooting
Travel, transportation & accommodation
Crew & support team
Insurance, permits & licenses

Our partnerships with local studios and equipment houses to ensure your every production requirement is met. We have access to the best equipment – cameras, lighting, sound, grip, and more. We can service productions shooting on 35mm, 16mm, Alexa, Weisscam, HDCAM, XDCAM, DVCPRO, HDV, DV, Betacam, SX, SP, Digibeta, RED, Canon, or high-speed formats.

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