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'Ariel Erisian' plays as a surreal dramedy web series with a fantastical take on the genre itself. Following the life of a modern electronica duo, we crash back into Sam Lieber and Damien Lesley's lives as they arrive back to Vancouver from an eight month tour. Within our pilot episode we see the boys struggle with family, ex-girlfriends and a trickster mermaid. Sam copes with the recent divorce of his parents while Damien rides out a very bizarre initiation into shamanic practices. Natalie Wood, the band's manager and childhood chum, plays as the passed over love of Sam's life. She champions as the show's heroine, always there to be the loving friend and only person with any business sense between the three of them.

Throughout Sam places himself in a bit of a psychological quandary, or so he thinks. An ancient mermaid is awoken in our pilot episode by the young composer after searching for a 'symbol for the music' at various antique shops. Intensely mysterious and alluring, this mermaid sings her song with beauty and mischief. Her purpose always shrouded, her mainly fun essence always felt, her beauty seeping through the cracks of the duo's reality. And so we ask the question:
Siren or Muse? you choose~

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