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It has been said that music is the universal language. It is blind to gender, race and religion. In these tumultuous times, we must exercise diplomacy and do our best to encourage unity on a worldwide scale; music is the ideal medium through which this goal can be achieved. Ariez Onasis, a Greek-Palestinian-American who grew up traveling between homes in Greece, St Thomas and Massachusetts, embodies this international spirit and is fluent in the language that forges connections between people from completely different worlds.
A poet at first, Ariez soon found his true talent lay in stringing words together in rhyme form. Never one for complacency, Ariez soon became a master of his craft and moved on from writing raps to composing full songs. While establishing himself as local sensation is his current hometown of Worcester, Ma, Ariez caught the attention of up-and-coming producer phenom J. Cardim. After spending several nights in the studio together, J. Cardim became aware of Ariez’s unlimited potential and shortly after signed him to his production company Dice Music Group as his marquee artist. Together they created a unique forward-thinking pop sound while maintaining a healthy urban sensibility.
With 2010 in full swing, Ariez Onasis is putting the finishing touches on his debut project The Heartbreak Kid, a magnum opus produced entirely by J. Cardim and featuring guest appearances by several other industry innovators such as Pleasure P and Styles P of The LOX. Having been exposed to numerous cultures and experiencing several different lifestyles first-hand, Ariez is using his introduction to inspire people of all continents through the dialect that has existed before any language and will endure long after, music.

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