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The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

Our Mission
The mission of the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is to provide temporary care and shelter for stray, abandoned and relinquished animals, and to place as many as possible into responsible and caring homes. The ARLGP also works to create awareness and support for the humane treatment of all animals and to end animal overpopulation through education and the promotion of spaying and neutering.

Our Commitment
The ARLGP is first and foremost an adoption agency. Every year we take in more than 4,000 stray, abandoned or owner surrendered animals. We are committed to providing the best possible care for these animals by ensuring they receive the love, dignity, respect and medical attention they deserve. Each animal is given the time it needs to find a home regardless of its age, color or medical condition until the time it is reunited with it's family or adopted into a loving and responsible home. Our motto, "Everyone deserves a happy home" is our guiding principal, and our commitment to treat each animal as an individual allows us to save hundreds of lives.

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