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Texas Armoring Corporation, one of the largest providers of armored passenger vehicles in the world, is dedicated to the protection of corporate executives, government officials, and diplomats. Our armored sedans, limousines, and bulletproof SUVs have been protecting the lives of clients throughout the world for over three decades.

Texas Armoring Corporation is known for the superior quality of its product. The care given to each armored vehicle and quality craftsmanship are self-evident–high-hardened ballistic steel, reinforced fiberglass, Spectra Shield™, ballistic nylon, and other materials are used to create the unseen protection of a Texas Armoring Corporation bulletproof car. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality bulletproofing materials and employing the latest armoring technologies. Because of this, our armored vehicles are capable of achieving a defeat level as high as 7.62 NATO armor-piercing ammunition, yet remain virtually indistinguishable from original show room models.

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