AROMA is the music group in HK


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The history of AROMA: aroma was formed in 1993 on the basic principle of ignoring any specific or standardized rules of music composition and was performed by the combination of electronic and acoustic instruments . All the music is composed by its main members , Andy&Aron, either individually or on a co-operative basis. In 1993, their first cassette tape was released in hongkong. The CD coming out now with the same name "AROMA" again is the summary of those pieces recorded earlier in the cassette tapes ; it also features some of the latest works. The most special part of AROMA is that it allows unlimited and non-restricted ways of writing music which helps to create a kind of free music style and results in many different and brand new formats of music . They try to use this style to show one's feelings and affections to the surrounding.

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