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1. To promote the true spirit of Islam, which is to create peace, love and harmony among nations by building bridging between communities and nations, through interfaith harmony and dialogues.

2. To work for the welfare and benefit of humanity, highlighting social issues and their remedies, promoting tolerance and patience, striving to eliminate extremism, sectarianism, violence and poverty.

3. To impart knowledge and education about the true spirit of Islam, promote peace and universal brotherhood by emphasizing on character building, moral values, self-consciousness, piety, decency, honesty, truthfulness, justice, equality and factors contributing towards the betterment of a society.

4. To work for the creation of harmony among people, both at national and international levels, to educate and enlighten the people with true moral and social values as prescribed by Holy Qur'an and Ahadith (teachings) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Khatim un Nabiyeen.

5. To project the character of a Muslim, the one who surrenders his/her will before the will of Allah, i.e. obey the instructions of Allah (SWT). His/Her character is based upon the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that ‘A Muslim is one from whose speech and actions others are safe'. A true Muslim, can never be a terrorist, extremist or a fanatic.

6. To accentuate patriotism and love for Pakistan, promoting a soft image of Pakistan, removing the misconceptions about Pakistan and Islam worldwide, developing respect for each others religion and focusing on human rights whether they are the rights of parents, women, spouses, children, relatives, colleagues or friends, in the light of the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and Ahadith; sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

7. To build the character of a decent person who is a valuable asset for the society as he/she honors his/her commitments, is straight-forward and remains focused. He/She is always in control of his/her emotions and intelligence and is ready to forgive and forget. He/She is willing to accept his weaknesses and mistakes and make corrections. He/She always respects his/her parents and elders, his/her spouse and gives their due rights. He/She is down to earth, humble and balanced person making them a priceless asset for any society.

8. To educate that all the messengers starting from Prophet Adam (AS), Prophet Abraham (AS), Prophet Moses (AS), Prophet Jesus (AS) (and others) to the last, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) brought the message of Peace and Universal Brotherhood for all mankind. As creations of God Almighty we must all love, respect and forgive each other, no matter what color, caste, creed or religion we may belong to.

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