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Born in Bogotá in 1984, after studying Industrial Engineering, and driven by his spirit, Juan Felipe starts in 2006 the Filmmaking Program at the National University of Colombia. Ever since, he works in audiovisual production: shorts, documentaries, corporative, videoclips and feature films. He had participated in the Film Schools Encounter of San Sebastián Film Festival, Spain 2007 and the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2012, and through several film festivals. In 2009, he traveled by bicycle from Bogota to the Tayrona Park in Colombia -1600 Km aprox.-; a result was ‘By the way’, that received a prize as the Best Sequence Shot / Bicycle Cathegory at Coro Vell Film Festival, Spain.
Now he is working on two documentaries “At the end of the world” and "Aftermath of wreck"

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