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ANEMO-ONE // Creative Filmmaker & Editor // Specialized in artistic cinematic techniques and producing dynamic videoproductions such as music videos, promotionfilms and aftermovies.

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Groningen, The Netherlands
Creative Filmmaker & Editor
Art and Technique

ANEMO-ONE is an experienced and versatile forward-thinking video production artist based in Groningen, who specializes in creative film-making and music videos.

ANEMO-ONE has his own high-definition production equipment, so whether you're looking for somebody to facilitate your project from start to finish, or merely film or edit it, you can rest assured that you will receive a high quality product at a competitive rate.

Company Film - Promotional Film - Experimental film - Music Videos - Registration

From an early age I knew I would be producing art in one form or another for the rest of my life. Urban art, graphic design and photography have always been my passions and I have devoted lots of time and energy into improving my skills within, and knowledge of these subjects. As time moved on I developed my own style and methods.

While studying Fine Arts I found other ways to express myself by experimenting with interactive video installations and projections, breaking down the space barrier between the viewer and object by putting the spectator in the centre of my work and surrounding them with interactive images and sound.

Working with multiple cameras and lots of different applications I got more and more interested in the art and technique of film-making. Now my main work focuses on filmmaking and editing, using a lot of different creative gear to enable special camera motion techniques. I also work with a pilot, a camera crew that films using a Radio Controlled Helicopter for Aerial Cinematography, so together we can offer total and unique productions.

I’m available for work, so don’t hesitate to contact me. My fee depends on travel distance, filming and editing of the material. Simply request a free quotation, and please take a look at my latest projects.



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