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Anaheim, CA

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I am an Artistic Director with over 10 years experience in moving image, design and digital projects for the advertising, film, TV, games and music industries.

I started out as a freelance illustrator which led to a career in animation producing story and character work for clients such as Disney Online, ESPN, AOL, NBC & many others. I went on to work as an Art Director for various video, interactive and web related projects using my expanding skill set to drive creative solutions for customer demands.

I later began supervising all aspects of post production for video related content and interactive web and app development for clients ranging from Epson & Western Digital to YouTube before fully making the jump into the Director's chair, winning multiple awards for artistic accomplishment.

An Illustrator, Designer, Animator, Project Manager, Game Developer, Editor, Producer and Director; my experience and passion for learning has made me a student of many disciplines compounding my resourcefulness in the development of any project, brand or story.

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