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Illustrator, scifi writer, comic book artist, music maker, philosopher, stone carver, multimedia producer, designer, futurist, gamer, mystic: I work freehand and with computers.

Hello, I'm digital music composer and multimedia creator, Tiphan Hunter. I am creating comic books and image novels. I am also creating new remixes of my favorite 1980's and 1990's tunes and tracks that I've come across throughout the years. Yeah, I enjoy doing this for fun. Good music releases me. Many times, I have to find my own release by making a new remix of a track that I like ( My favorite BPMs to work with are 105-111, or 128-130, or 140. In addition to these tasks, I'm also creating video art loops, and creative music videos ( Check these out on my youtube channel found at When I have extra time, I'm also carving stone by hand (, drawing with both hands at the same time (, writing creative blog posts at, or stitching together hand-made leather accessories for fun cosplay events. I work from my Cave. Hi, I'm a Bear. Nice to meet you.

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