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Bristol, U.K.

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ArthurCox is a production company who specialise in all things moving.

Originally started by Sally Arthur and Sarah Cox in 2002 it has since grown in size and diversity and has become a home to many other award winning directors and animators. Good design is very important to us here and so is food. We have always been mainly powered by beautiful images and quality lunches.

The studio’s visual style is determined on a job to job basis but it has made work in stop-frame, 2D hand drawn animation, Flash and cut out as well as CGI and live- action.

To see how broad and strong our diverse styles of film making are have a look at these examples:

Sarah Cox’s BAFTA nominated film ‘Heavy Pockets’ Matthew Walker’s film ‘John and Karen’ (Cartoon d’Or nominee 08) Sally Arthur’s film ‘A-Z’ (Best Documentary Rushes festival 08) Felix Massie’s film ‘Keith Reynolds Can’t Make it Tonight’ Mark Simon Hewis’ film ‘The Life Size Zoetrope’ and Fig Roll’s film ‘Little Face’ .

Commercially directors at ArthurCox have directed ads for a raft of clients - including Boiron France, Coca Cola France + UK, Kelloggs and Texaco. We often collaborate with Aardman Animation on TV commercials. We have also directed award winning works as Newsround special ‘The Wrong Trainers’ (BAFTA Winner 07) and ‘The Peculiar Adventures of Hector’ (British Animation Award 08).

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