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Joanna is a humble visionary that has led the way for such agencies as Wunderman, TracyLocke, Digitas New York, BBG Worldwide and Organic by applying her vast experience in creative ideation, strategy and relationship building.

Joanna brings valuable, award-winning creative and marketing experience in the management of large and complex marketing campaigns with such companies as Pepsi, Hershey's, American Express, Nestle Purina, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Diners Club International,, Baxter International, Warner Bros, MTV, Kimberly-Clark and Jim Beam Brands Co.

Joanna’s outstanding creative vision and “push the envelope” style has garnered her both national and international accolades. In 2007, her work won a coveted MIXX Award as well as a place on Silicon Alley’s top 100: People's Choice list. In 2006, her work with America Express was noted “the future of social media” by contagious magazine. In 2003, Joanna and her creative teams received two Webby Award nominations and two Macromedia's site of the day awards. In 2001, her innovative communications strategies received six interactive awards at the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Tempo Awards – including the coveted Jay Gondelman Award.

Joanna is also regarded as an avid fundraiser for public school music programs, AIDS and human rights charities. Late at night with her home finally quiet, Joanna takes her artistic passion from pixels to paint as she settles in to create more magic with oils and acrylics on a blank canvas.

Like any great leader, if you asked Joanna what her crowning achievement is, she would break out shots on her iPhone of her best artwork, her four beautiful children.
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