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theArtists is a place for all creatives from different medias to be able to socially interact within their desired creative industry.

theArtists play a huge role in helping passionate artists get their name and artworks well known in New Zealand and around the world, we will do this by getting their work displayed in different well known creative publications, as well as through events and exhibitions.

You tell us what your dream goal is and we will make it happen to the best of our abilities!

Welcome to theArtists where nothing is impossible to achieve!

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  1. Fuyuko's Fables
  3. Foxtree Studio
  4. Salomon
  5. Cale Glendening
  6. Marina Gabriela Bonofiglio
  7. Danny Pemberton
  8. Giant Animation Studios
  9. Nay Lin Htaik
  10. NonSap Visuals
  11. michael farr
  12. Turei Cooze|IDoVideo
  13. Carl Moleta
  14. Arthur Chan
  15. Shobita Jones
  16. Turei Cooze