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ArtsFwd is an online community of arts and culture leaders committed to doing things differently in their organizations in order to adapt to today’s rapidly changing world.

We engage this community by sharing stories, providing tools, and fostering dialogue that celebrates the challenges, discoveries, and achievements of those who boldly experiment in pursuit of truly adaptive strategies.

We recognize that openness to adaptability in the arts and culture field will not be catalyzed by any centralized edict, but rather by a growing critical mass of local, intrepid leaders who will influence a call for actionable change in their organizations.

Our goal is to accelerate the journey towards a tipping point when generating and implementing adaptive change strategies is recognized as a new organizational discipline and crucial to the future of the field.

ArtsFwd is an initiative of EmcArts. EmcArts works alongside people, organizations, and communities as they take on their most complex challenges. Learn more at

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