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ArtsMoved is a project to spread and promote culture activities and art made by young artists in all kinds of formats, from graphic arts to poetry, as well as electronic music, video art and interactives.

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  1. Lala Kitchen
  2. OFFF, let's feed the future
  3. CineStock by Mitch Martinez
  4. Imma Rondan
  5. gràffica
  6. cocoe
  7. Gerardo del Hierro
  8. Javier Jaén
  9. Device
  10. MAD by Domestika
  11. INFLUX festival
  12. MID New Media Design
  13. Playmodes
  14. Oscar Sol
  15. blu
  16. Black Sheep Films
  17. Paco Roca
  18. QUAD productions

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