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  1. 07:19

    De Brakke Grond

    by ARTtube

    2 Videos

  2. 01:28:18

    Groninger Museum

    by ARTtube

    17 Videos

  3. 02:10:53


    by ARTtube

    15 Videos

  4. 48:24


    by ARTtube

    13 Videos

    Polyurethane foam, salt and epoxy are not materials you immediately think of when you think of art. But some artists do use this kind of unusual materials in their work. The video series 'Makers'…

  5. 02:26:24

    We Live Art

    by ARTtube

    11 Videos

    It is often thought that modern art and particularly contemporary art is difficult and only understood by experts. But that isn’t true. Or rather, it is exactly outside that small circle of…

  6. 01:40:12

    Dutch Profiles

    by ARTtube

    16 Videos

  7. 01:57:06

    CBK Rotterdam

    by ARTtube

    18 Videos

  8. 01:33:51

    Museum Jan Cunen

    by ARTtube

    17 Videos

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