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ARTwerk NYC is a grassroots grant-giving organization
BUT you don’t have to wear a suit to get this funding -
just bring your dancing shoes.

We have a simple concept:
We accept submissions from photographers, writers, painters, dancers, musicians, theater makers, trapeze artists, artists experimenting in fields we haven’t even heard of yet, etc. The submissions are an opportunity for the artist(s) to give us an idea of the project their working on and the kind of funding they need, to realize their work.
We read the proposals. We drink coffee. We read them again. We select 5 finalists. Those finalists invite all their friends, lovers, ex-es, okcupid dates, subway flings and neighbors to our dance parties.

Hence, ARTwerk.

YOU prepare a pitch. The audience votes. The group who with the most votes at the end of the evening takes home the cash. Let's just say we're putting the FUN in crowd funding.

ARTwerk is an awesome, easy, and fabulous opportunity to gain exposure, present your work to a group of people, and potentially walk away with some no-strings-attatched money, all while dancing the night away.