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  1. Duncan Sheik

    Duncan Sheik


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    Duncan Sheik is a Grammy Award and two-time Tony Award winning singer-songwriter and composer. As a solo artist, Duncan's ubiquitous hit "Barely Breathing" spent 55 weeks on the Billboard's Hot 100 Chart and propelled the sales of his Atlantic Records debut to 750,000 copies. As a…

  2. Village Basement Sessions

    Village Basement Sessions Plus Clifton, NJ


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    http://thevillagebasement.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/VillageBasementSessions http://thevillagebasement.bigcartel.com/product/submerse Village Basement Sessions is based out of Clifton, New Jersey. Featuring footage of local artists/bands in and around the tri-state area and North America.…

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