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It's me arunprasad working as an animation supervisor in DQ animation studio (india). I came a long way from an animator to an animation supervisor. It was not easy to make such a long journey. Every child like to watch cartoons, I too enjoyed watching them. I used to try copying them in my school drawing books amd even on the walls of my house. I got inspiration to enter into creative field from my father. He himself was a B F A student hence from my childhood I was in a creative enviornment.He guided me lot in my drawing and painting skills. To fullfill my interest I thought to join fine art collage in chennai. There were total 70 seats (20 merit seats) and 1500 applicants. I trusted my art and my creative knowlege and was confident that I will be among the 70's. But my name was in the merit list. My joy knew no bounds. I finished my BFA (Bachelor of fine arts) from Madras university with first class in paintings. After my collage once I was refering VILLUPU andGlen Keane , and I got so inspired with their drawing and work skills that I turned my way towards 2D animation. I worked as a 2D animator in millimage(chennai) for 2 years. It was a french colaborated studio. Later I joined 2D companies Total infotainment Ltd, Escatoons and Nextwave I came to mumbai and I joined the crest animation studio for 3D animation. I worked as a senior animator and teamlead for 3 years. Later I worked in Maya Entertainment Pvt Ltd, for 1 year. Then I came to hyderabad to join DQ animation studio to work as an animation supervisor.I had good experience till now. I got good knowledge of management and handling people and keeping in touch with them regarding their works. I actively participate in script read-through and suite meetings and offer alternative ideas, Creating the digital animatics of the scrip to help the animators in Creative approach in solving problems begining of the episodes, Test models and rigs during pre-production, Create character animation sequences assigned by Director and Train and mentor new animators, Active involvement in “Trouble-Shooting”, and “R & D” as an individual, as well as a team, Solving the technical problems in the production. I also like to design characters. I have 14 years of experience in this CG television and movie field. I have 5 years of experience in 2D animation and 6 years of 3D animation.I have a good knowledge of ontime delivering of episodes,look and feel, and maintianing the animation quality ,i have good knowledge in perspective drawing ,watercolour drawing ,gesture drawing ,story board,supervising skill. I am good at doing gesture drawing, line of action, arc,expresions,weight,colour,light and shadow and composition since my collage time. Having 14 years of experience i still think there are many more things to learn. Knowledge is like an open sea where you can never see it's end.


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