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Arya Senboutaraj is an independent director working and living in Los Angeles, CA. At the ripe old age of two years he immigrated to the United States from Laos, his family fleeing from the communist regime taking over the country. Of all the places to land in the States, Arya's family ended up in Wisconsin. This is where the artist within him was forged, in the quiet suburb of Waukesha. Arya has always looked for answers, though more importantly, the experiences that would inform these solutions.

By combining his knowledge of live action, graphic design, photography, illustration, and animation Arya is a truly multi-dimensional director. He is able to carry out his vision from conceptualization, pre-visualization, on set, and taking it all the way through the post with a vibrant/youthful zeal. This allows Arya to be truly involved with all aspects of the creative process with a complete understanding of it all. This is the engine that drives the machinery of the his mind's eye.

Arya attended the Minneapolis College of Art Design (1993-1997). Originally intending to become a photographer, but after two years of a photography major decided to concentrate on a multimedia approach with an emphasis on graphic design. Thereby combining two of his passions, photography and collage. It was also during this time that Arya studied video, animation, and more importantly digital video (still a nascent technology at this time). In addition Arya also worked as a freelance designer at the Walker Art Center (where upon graduation was offered the prestigious Walker Art Center design internship), an internationally renowned museum of contemporary art. Though after graduation Arya moved to Los Angeles pursuing a career in the nascent field known at the time as motion graphics, an amalgam of graphic design and animation.

During this time Arya worked as a designer at Channel One News, a youth orientated news program (likened to an MTV of news programming for young adults). After several years of starting motion graphics companies with his friends from art school, Arya decided to explore the world of directing. In 2003 he started the directing collective called, Rainbows&Vampires with Juan Monasterio.

The music video, "In This City" by the band Enon, was the first of their directing endeavors. With a wild imagination and seamless transitions, the video was a magical journey through a neo-Tokyo type city. It has been featured in magazines such as RES and Creativity. It opened the doors to collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas, Le Tigre, DeepDish, David Gray, Enon, The Black Heart Procession, Fefe Dobson, The Strokes, TeenNick of the Nickelodeon network, and Yoko Ono. Besides playing on MTV, their work has been featured in international film festivals such as the aforementioned RES fest, Milan Film Festival, LA Film Festival, and many others

In 2008 Arya has decided to seek his own solo-directing career.

Arya's latest directing endeavor has been a webisodic kung-fu serial created and conceived by Roman Coppola titled "The Fist of Oblivion". In concert with the car brand Scion, ad agency WhittmanHart, and Roman Coppola's Special Projects division, Arya has delivered a very unique look into the secret lives of Kung-Fu Puppets.

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