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Laszlo Kiss is an architect and conceptualizer with over thirty years of experience in professional practice and higher education. He was born in Transylvania (Romania) into an ethnic Hungarian family and as a young boy emigrated to the US where he attend Cornell University.
As an architect, Laszlo, spent his life working towards creating sustainable and energy efficient structures. From the first building that he built thirty plus years ago, a passive solar single family house that garnered much interest and recognition from Progressive Architecture , NY Times Sunday Magazine to thirty other books and publications, to his current projects he has created buildings that deal with much more than mere pragmatic concerns but address conceptual ideas, social and economic realities, sustainable living practices, energy efficiency as well as the use of renewable energy resources.
As a teacher he has spent many years in higher education and has taught classes in architectural design, design theory, planning and technology at Parsons School of Design, NY Institute of Technology, Ohio State University, Texas A&M University and Columbia University.
Laszlo’s work has been exhibited and published extensively around the world is in the permanent collection of The German Architectural Museum, in Frankfurt Germany, and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

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