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The Ascendants Anthology is now available to watch at:

In the future, proof of the afterlife creates a corrupt dystopia.

The Ascendants Anthology is a series of short films that take place during key events of the Ascendants mythology – from 2035 AD to 2070 AD.

Ascendants is a multi-format project. We are garnering interest in selling a 2-hr script as a pilot for a scripted series or trilogy of films by creating an anthology of short films set in that world. Each short in the Ascendants Anthology explores a different aspect of the life created by the discovery of Ascension - and each film takes place at different key historical points.
When mankind’s faith in the afterlife is replaced with scientific certainty, the divide between those ordained to eternity and those to oblivion lays the groundwork for this socio-theological thriller, where both salvation and damnation rest in exclusively mortal hands. Set in a near and theocratic dystopian future, Ascendants follows the rise of an agnostic genetic underclass, deemed unfit for a life everafter in an increasingly violent, highly segregated society
It's not the life you lead. It's the blood you bleed...

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