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Paris, France

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Growing up in France, Kevin Couliau mostly enjoyed documenting sports through the lense of competition.

In 2004, he started capturing playground basketball’s aesthetic for various internationnal publications. In 2009, he used some of his early musing to create incredible work, with Heart & Soul Of New York City , a short film / music video he directed about a season of New York City streetball which has accumulated over 2 million views online. More recently he and co-director Bobbito Garcia released Doin’ It In The Park , a feature-length documentary about pick-up basketball in NYC. The sports doc has received numerous rewards from the film circuit and accolades from current and retired basketball icons.

His work as a cinematographer and director allows him to explore the world and cover many different subjects for prestigious brands, documentaries and TV commercials. From Iceland’s fishermen, to nightlife in Berlin, or hackers in San Francisco - whatever the landscape, Kevin likes to show the world without artifices. As a matter of fact, he enjoys most working with real people and compose with natural light.

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