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  1. Film Studies at Whittier College

    by Ashkan Soltani joined

    27 Videos / 23 Members

  2. 01SHORTFILM___the group

    by Ale Corsini joined

    7,470 Videos / 3,318 Members

    This group is dedicated to all those filmmakers that, abiding by or challenging traditional CINEMATIC conventions, strive to tell compelling and, needless to say, beautiful stories.

  3. Introduction to Film- Summer 2012

    by Ashkan Soltani joined

    3 Videos / 1 Member

  4. Film Studies- Minnesota State University Mankato

    by Ashkan Soltani joined

    121 Videos / 51 Members

    Showcasing Narrative, Experimental, and Animation works by film production students + other MNSU film program related videos.

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