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Brent Buntyn’s career began while getting his Bachelors degree in geography from Southern Oregon University. While attending school in Ashland Oregon he discovered the sport of whitewater kayaking. Brent started taking his camera along on the trips to capture the extreme nature of the sport.
Out of those trips came two feature length documentaries, No Big Names I and II. Both films went on to be seen around the world most notably with the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2003.
Wanting to achieve a higher understanding of the filmmaking process Brent applied and was accepted to Vancouver Film School in 2003. Specializing in the art of Cinematography Brent gained experience behind the lens as the Director of Photography on 3 short films and numerous documentaries. Brent graduated from VFS in October 2004 and was hired on to an independent feature film as the Director of Photography. The film Road to Victory, was a huge learning experience that help instill confidence both technically and artistically as a DP.
In the summer of 2005 Brent returned back to his sports filmmaking roots and accepted a staff cameraman position with NASCAR Media Group. Shooting exclusively in HD and S16mm Film NASCAR Media Group has jumped to the top of sports filmmaking. In 2006 for his work on Beyond the Wheel and Inside the Headsets, Brent received the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Event Turnaround.
After seven years with NMG and 4 Emmy Awards Brent has had the opportunity to shoot many types projects on many types of formats. From theatrically released documentaries to national commercial spots, he is always on the cutting edge of cinema technology and techniques. Whether it’s hiking through the Southwest Deserts to set up a motion control time-lapse, or dangling from a helicopter, Brent is always prepared.
Recently Brent has re-located back to the West Coast ish (Phoenix, AZ). Phoenix is perfectly geographically located to work in multiple markets (LA,Vegas,NW,etc.)...and let's face it, the weather doesn't suck here!

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