Ashley James Brown

Coventry, UK

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void setup() {
Experience Designer / Digital Media Artist / Creative Coder and Technologist working with interactive technology, custom electronics, vision tracking, creative software and hardware.

void draw() {
Creative Coder using Processing with many many addons, libraries and hardware including Arduino and electronics / physical computing
Experimented with OpenFrameworks, Max/Msp, Quartz Composer, VVVV, Cinder, Z Vector and many more

void music() {
Electronic Musican / live performer / film score composer and DJ.
Current UK Laptop Battle Champion - Arctic Sunrise.
Record label founder - Airvent Media.

void extra(){
Working with smart phones and social media creating software and games for businesses and education using XCode + Objective C and Android Studio/Eclipse with Java, mobile wep apps using javascript and APIs and game creation software Game Maker and Game Salad.
Educator / Teacher of young people in photography, film, animation and interactive software and programming and games design/creation examples include Isadora and Ableton Live, GameMaker and GameSalad


void addendum() {
Founder of Digital Arts Org - Ludic Rooms.

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