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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Asif Zamir is a Canadian business consultant and minister.

Currently, Asif Zamir is participating in a beta-stage project that involves having churchwomen going to the streets and paying prostitutes to attend local church services so that they can connect with God, people, and social workers who will help them get out of the industry. The project has been relatively successful (picked up by several churches in Canada, the USA, and overseas), however not without controversy. ”Paying prostitutes to go to church is just sick” says a vocal critic of Asif Zamir’s work.

Jesus commanded that all of His followers improve the lives of those in need. He did not say that everyone could be helped, or even that everyone should be helped, but that Christians should make an effort and make helping part of their lifestyle. This can take many forms.

Regarding his faith, Asif Zamir says, “I’m more liberal that most Christians, and I’m certainly not a fundamentalist evangelical, but I strongly believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation, and that apart from Jesus, there is no hope whatsoever. With that said, Jesus has a way of winning those over who are far away from Him and saving them, so you’ll see a lot of people in heaven that you didn’t expect, and you’ll expect to see certain people in heaven that aren’t there because they didn’t make it.”

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