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We believe that Askia is the best product on the market, across the board. Whether you are considering questionnaire design, telephone, on-line, face to face surveys, or statistical analysis, Askia is the proven choice.
We understand that organisations selecting market research software need to know that they can rely on their supplier. What sets us apart is the way we work for and with our customers – our approach to software development, customer training, support and service.
At Askia, we pride ourselves on our vision, our development times and in particular our ability to integrate new technologies as they come onto the market. We release a new version every three months. We keep a database of all customer suggestions and problems, and communicate with you as to our proposed development plans. We provide full installation and support manuals for each release – currently available in English and French. Our growth had been through customer recommendations and word of mouth rather than huge marketing campaigns on our part. Our revenue has been consistently ploughed back into the direct support and development of Askia for our customers.
The company was established in 1994. We have offices in the UK, in the US, in Belgium and in France. In 1998 MI4C took a minority stake in Askia. Its expertise in telephony and Internet technology, along with its experience of the international market made them the ideal partner for Askia.
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