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Denton, TX: a city of hidden gems. We see this in the square - the heart of this town - where stores act as spaces for people to sift through piles of used objects, with the hope that something obscured but full of character might be mixed in with the rest of what‘s been discarded. It’s a representation of Denton itself: a town with the art, music, food, and culture that every mid-sized town hungers for. But, it’s available only to those who know where to look. We see the best shows in houses, find the best art exhibits behind buildings, and eat the best food in restaurants located on streets tucked away from our daily routes. In Denton, the trends change with the rapid pace of a university semester.

Underneath this, though, is a dialogue forming about Denton. What do we do with this potential? Should it be made more accessible to the outside world? Could Denton be tainted by the influx of an art scene vulnerable to commercialization? Or, considering this, should we tuck it away and keep it to ourselves? After all, we create for the love of the craft. We make art because it’s how we communicate our identity with others, not because we‘re solely concerned with it always being liked. But can Denton sustain a culture of inward-gazing lone wolves?

We don’t look to end this dialogue with a concrete response; instead, we want to be an accessory in Denton’s development as a character in its citizens lives. We acknowledge that Denton has its potential, yet there are some things that could stunt it. Most of what is created by Dentonites is done in independent cells. These may produce amazing works separately, but the lack of a venue for these cells to engage each other in can lead to fragmentation. This is problematic in one of Denton’s largest artistic outlets: its music scene. Thus, we aim to help expose Denton to itself. We want to enrich the sense of community for which Denton begs and deserves.

Every week we would like to invite a local band into our house. In our home, we’ll make a meal for them, have a conversation, and document them playing some of their music. This isn’t a private show, though: it’s a house show that anyone can attend at any time they’d like. This is a discussion that everyone can be a part of. It’s a discussion that, at a time like this, is a small, good thing.

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