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Asolo Repertory Theatre, Florida’s premier professional theatre, is one of the most important cultural forces in the Southeastern United States. A center for theatrical excellence, Asolo Rep stages up to fifteen productions every season, spanning a diverse repertoire of newly commissioned plays, bold reinterpretations of contemporary and classical works, and provocative new musical theatre experiences.

Asolo Rep is a major force in Sarasota’s rich arts scene, whose quality and depth rivals some of the largest urban centers in the country. Asolo Rep is annually the creative home of more than 100 artists, technical craftsmen, and administrative staff. Its talented and accomplished resident acting company is complemented by top flight, award-winning directors, designers, and guest artists who come to Sarasota from around the country and around the world.

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  1. Beautiful video Bill, I can get a feel of the passion and the thrill of being there and the transitions flow throughout the show. I love the graphics and the continuity. Wonderful job...