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I am Alexander, a London based filmmaker and co-founder of the production company TRiADOT. I am Russian and as a result grew up in Moscow however at the age of 14 I moved to Ireland where I acquired my interest in filmmaking. After completing my Bachelor Degree at the London College of Communication in Film and Video I went on to specialize my abilities by enrolling and completing my Masters at Drama Centre London, Central Saint Martins with MA Screen: Directing for film and television.
The combination of these two courses made me understand an equal importance for both sides of Directing: the technical aspect and getting the best performance from your actors. Through my experience I learned how to achieve the most truthful performance from an actor as amongst other techniques Drama Centre applies, being a director you have to go through a lot of the acting process before you move on to directing. I enjoy pushing my own limitations as I always aim for the highest result possible. I believe that the strong idea is at the core of any work I do.
Along with short films my recent works include commercials and music videos for both English and Russian clients. Currently I am working on a feature film.
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