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aspecialperson is the portfolio of Rotterdam based director Vincenzo Onnembo.

After studies in graphic design and multimedia I decided to see the world through lens-based tools, becoming an image hunter. I consider myself a hybrid creative director and maker, skilled in producing engaging contents; no matter what media.

Throughout my career I have been working in several creative fields, from digital marketing, where I have been creating campaigns and rich media contents, to film making, where I have been behind the camera as cinematographer as well as a director and screenwriter.

The world is spinning fast, trends are on a constant move; I am an attent observer of this transformation and I like to think there is always a unique way to express and communicate a concept.

Research, method and experimentation are the key to unlock an untold story.
I believe storytelling isn’t bound by media.

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  • aspecialperson - aspecialperson is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We do visuals, logotypes, film titles, documentaries, music videos, virals, art direction and photography.


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