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If you like Jackass or Smosh, then you'll love us. We're a group of high school students who get together and then perform in relatively organized chaotic videos. Ironic? Yeah, very, but believe me when I say what we do have some sense of order in our group.

There's myself, Strings, who is the camera man, director and producer of the entire group. I'm also in a video here and there, but most the time I prefer to tell the others what to do. I probably have more experience in this stuff than the rest of the guys because I have acted in and helped produce various videos in the past, and I'm glad I can get back in it with these guys. Now lets go on.

Skitzo (or Hippie, he's going by both right now) is the guy you usually see running around and either tripping over air or stripping off his shirt to show off his perfectly shaped stomach. Round IS a shape. He has recently started writing his own comedy stand-up work and may perform a special sometime soon on camera and live in front of an audience.

Spidermonkey is kind of my co-director and the guy who volunteers to get drop-kicked and do it again if necessary. His roles kind range from lead to backup, so you never know what he's going to do from video to video. He's had some training in martial arts and therefore is therefore fairly useful.

Leprechaun, what can I say? He's the most insane of the entire group. He has become an almost impressive actor, especially when it comes to acting redneck (go figure). He's also the guy you'll find leaping from tree to tree in his backyard because he's had one too many Monsters (energy drink).

TwinkleToes almost always plays backup roles in the videos, even if his roles are supposed to be leading. He adds a kind of interesting atmosphere to the group, though I can't seem to figure out exactly what he adds, it still helps keep us going.

Ben "Evil" has only been in one of our videos playing a Civil War soldier (Union to be exact), though he has helped out once or twice in the production of other things. He has gone to state in Speech and Debate and just barely made it to nationals, so he really understands the fundamentals of acting and expression, and we're hoping he comes back to play in some more videos soon.

Tyler "Sarge", our newest recruit, has a long history of wrestling behind him as well as a bit of filming. He adds-something-I'm not sure what-to the group. I guess it helps that he's the youngest of us all, but is not one to screw with, as Spidermonkey now knows >:). There's not much I can say about him yet because he has only been in one of our videos, but he did make it interesting and I hope he plans on sticking around.

Josh something or the other (no nickname yet) is one of our most physically talented members, giving Spidermonkey and Leprechaun a run for their money. He is also a very recent addition to the group and is into Parkour (look it up, it's awesome) and can do some stuff that most of us can't. Just watch out for him in the videos and you'll see what I mean. He's the guy with longer hair than your mom.

Finally we have a couple "noobs" coming in soon, they just need to be initiated somehow and we'll have a decent group.

Kind of an update: Spidermonkey has left us for another state entirely and so he probably won't be in anymore videos until he comes back to good 'ol MO. We'll miss that S.O.B.

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