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  1. 02:32:13


    by assbach

    133 Videos

  2. 46:39

    my own favorites

    by assbach

    41 Videos

    my favorite movies of my 365 minutes trip...

  3. 21:12

    screencasts & screencaptures

    by assbach

    14 Videos

    how-to's and other captures

  4. 20:11


    by assbach

    19 Videos

    our dog

  5. 42:41


    by assbach

    35 Videos

    talking or learning german with sascha

  6. 05:08


    by assbach

    4 Videos

  7. 27:04


    by assbach

    22 Videos

    self-portraits in motion. most of them are part of the 365minutes project. (see channel)

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