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Assem Hendawi is an Egyptian photographer born in 1989

Always inspired by cinema, Assem decided to pursue his passion for creating images and narratives from an early age.
While he didn't receive an academic education related to art or photography, he tries to gain the technical knowledge by experiment and the theoretical one by reflection.

Assem is attracted by the unfamiliar on many levels. The images and narratives he is curious to investigate are mainly the unspeakable and the ambiguous in society. While he likes the challenge in the hardships of revealing stories that was once untold or overlooked, his curiosity is also introspective in an effort to understand where he stands in society and what shapes up his identity.

Assem is currently working on a documentary film, documenting the life of Sayed Hadida (the main subject in Shadow Boxing series), and a photography project involving several ex-convicts and their experience in prison.

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