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We are dreamers. We reach for the stars. We believe, like all astronauts do, that there are new horizons, new frontiers that haven't been reached yet. We channel this ethos into all the content we create. We believe fervently in the awesome power of the moving image - to tell a story, to convey an emotion, to make the audience feel something they haven't felt before.

As a production company in New York, we take inspiration from the amazing metropolis that surrounds us - the teaming masses, the culture, the art, the love of film, the waves of music crashing in from the outer boroughs.

At heart, deep inside, we are storytellers. Everything we create is designed at some deeper level to intimately affect the audience it's designed for. We see the act of creation as an implicit promise to connect. If you can't reach the audience your targeting, why bother?


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