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  1. 29:37

    Homecoming Writing Contest Awards

    by ASU English

    4 Videos

    Award presentations and readings from the Homecoming Writing Contest (formerly the Randel and Susan McCraw Helms Homecoming Writing Contest).

  2. 58:21

    A Celebration of Arizona’s First Poet Laureate: Alberto Álvaro Ríos

    by ASU English

    2 Videos

    Introductory remarks by: Mark Lussier, Chair, ASU Department of English John, McComish, Arizona State Senator Robert Booker, Director, Arizona Commission on the Arts George Justice, Dean of Humanities,…

  3. 06:33:34

    MFA Reading Series

    by ASU English

    9 Videos

    The MFA Reading Series, presented by ASU's Creative Writing Program in the Department of English, brings notable writers to the ASU community for readings and discussions about writing and their…

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