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A SURFER’S PARADISE is a full thirteen by thirty minute surfing
documentary series that embodies the life blood of surfing on a global
scale, touching on every aspect of surfing by delving into the lives of it’s all
stars, legends, manufacturers, creators, celebrities who participate in the
sport/lifestyle and next generation who will take it forward.
Candidly shot by in-studio interviews are the world’s key professional
surfers who typically are only seen in wetsuits, board shorts, in the water
and on display ads. They come to life in a different medium that allows the
viewer to experience them as individuals both verbally and with physical
expression rather than icons that are unreachable.
The characters zest for life is a radiance that beams from within which
personalizes the experience for the viewer, by giving an inside look at
the industry’s’ celebrities who win the competitions and put a face to the
soulful sport of surfing.
Where ever there are waves, a byproduct of wind and storm activity
thousands of kilometers away, surfers will attempt to harness that energy
for their own intrinsic joy - even in the most treacherous of reefs and
unreachable tow-in spots. It’s one
of the most thrilling forms of adventure that one can find.
“A SURFER’S PARADISE” hosts a diverse international range of locations
coupled with a world class field of surfers, the art direction and script
design of this project will transcend geography, politics, religion and age
to capture the heart and soul of people everywhere revealing the magic of
surfing to the uneducated non-surfer the salty seas dog or grommet alike.

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