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ASWESAW’s ANGELS OF LONDON is a website home for our Angels. The term Angel is loosely based on the Warholian Superstar concept and about fabulous people. We love Andy Warhol. We have a special eye and keep it open for Angels crossing our way. We collaborate with them and also show their beauty and sometimes hopefully able to help them a little to stay Angels.
Angel in our opinion can be anybody who is grand enough to stick to their dreams and follow their path in life. Angel is a loaded term which we don’t mind. There are many type of Angels in this world good, bad, rich, poor, young, old, any nationality or race. Fortunately as their are many Angels in this world we are focusing on the ones crossing our way, the ones who we find and adore for what they are. There are no rules and this website is for showing the stages of our own way on this journey.

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