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Founded in 2010, ataste strives to bring you the healthiest secrets the Amazon region has to offer. Ingredients well-known for healthy diets, nutrition supplements and everyday food products, of top quality in easy to manage frozen smoothie packs. Our sustainably sourced acai and complete line of available fruits is something ataste is very proud of. (More info:

Serving as ambassadors for the healthy revolution and promoters of regular exercise, ataste works closely with a large number of gyms, sports clubs and communities deeply rooted in the (Mixed) Martial Arts, Surfing and extreme sports scene. This resulted in affiliated teams on top of ataste’s own strong performing mix of sponsored athletes in various disciplines. (More info:

As well as sportsmen – and women, ataste logistically supports a large number of events across Europe. Ataste prides itself to focus on local communities while maintaining an international operating reach. You can find us in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden. (More info:

A young and fast-growing company in an exploding market, ataste is ever looking for new partnerships and collaborations which we approach with a win-win attitude. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you want to find out more or think we can mean something for each other.

Besides acai and acai with guarana, the complete ataste product line exists out of 15 high quality exotic frozen fruit pulps:
- acai + guarana
- acai pure
- acerola
- passion fruit (maracuja)
- guave (goiaba)
- mango (manga)
- strawberry (morango)
- pineapple (abacaxi)
- cashew (caju)
- hog plum (caja/tapereba)
- coco
- papaya
- watermelon (melancia)
- cacao
- starfruit (carambola)
(More product info:

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Thank you for your interest in ataste. Keep moving, stay healthy!

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