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America the Charitable. ATC is a Charity RV tour of America by one man determined to raise $1 Million for charity, do good, volunteer, meet like minded people and remind everyone that America is an amazing home to all of us and is unquestionably the most Charitable Country in the World and to simply do good.

Join me on my journey by making a tax deductible donation, joining my team, starting a team or getting involved in one of my many efforts from Gallery shows, to raffles for amazing stuff or at one of my partnered events in your own city or town.

Stay tuned for the launch date this summer and join me and my Charities to help make a difference nationally and in your community.



  1. Steve Godwin Films
  2. Scott Joy
  3. United By Sport Management
  4. Chad James
  5. Mike Kato
  6. Scotty Perkins

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