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Out of our mutual love for durable materials, timeless design and the continuous search for beautiful items we created Atelier de l’Armée.

Our main goal is to create an inspiring environment that offers products that are well constructed, skillfully crafted and have great detailing. We are inspired by the functionality and durability of vintage workwear and military clothing. Since we care for the world we are always conscious of the environmental impact of our products. We can proudly say that 98% of our handcrafted bags and leather goods are build out of a zero waste philosophy.

Our collection consists of 3 things.

Our handcrafted bags are made in our small workshop in Amsterdam. We create them by mixing high quality deadstock or repurposed materials. We love old military fabrics because they have aged beautifully over time. The distinctive look of markings, wear, stamps, stains, repairs and, patches tell a story about the previous owner. On the other hand we also love new materials that can create their own story like raw denims and naked leathers. Because we depend on the materials we find we can never make the same bag twice. All our bags are individually numbered and come with a handwritten hangtag with its ingredients.

The heritage clothing is a carefully selected mix of rare handpicked second hand items and most are collectables. They are all inspired by denim, vintage workwear or military clothing and all are within the philosophy and personal taste of Atelier de l’Armée.

Our leather goods are made out of limited batches of deadstock leathers. They are functional, build to resist and iron-branded. Like most Atelier de l'Armée items, they become more beautiful over time.