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Atelier Laia. Of Croatian origin, Santos Bregaña is born by chance in the city of Pamplona in 1965 on the very day that Le Corbusier drowns in Cap Martin.
After studying architecture in San Sebastian and Barcelona he launches the Laia Atelier in 1996 where he focuses on interior design, and on graphic and industrial design projects associated with the culinary culture and business.
In 2008 he receives, along with co-creator Anne Ibañez Guridi, the Art Director's Club of New York Sphere Award for their body of work for the restaurant Mugaritz.
He leads Tabula, a publishing house dedicated to the spread of culture and gastronomy, and is a speaker on public forums and seminars related to high cuisine.
His porcelain designs and his O! Luna, Tabula, and Linneo collections have received international praise and are in many of the best restaurants and hotels in the world.
His designs have been shown in Paris, Washington, New York, Tokyo, Milan, Madrid, Miami, and Berlin among others.

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