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San Diego, CA

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Athan Raptis is a photographer, filmmaker, and audio technician currently residing in Fullerton, California. Athan has produced and edited video content ever since his days in high school and has been increasing his skillset by focusing on photography as of late. As a result Athan has discovered a passion for creating unique and quality still images. Athan is also a talented audio technician who is at home working around stages and running live productions. Having held an intern position at one of San Diego's premiere recording studios, Athan is also extremely familiar with the inner workings of studio recording sessions and mixing. Currently striving to become self-sufficient through the use his visual and auditory skill set, Athan is an avid traveler who has lifelong experience with various world cultures and is at home on the road both domestically and abroad. This passion for exploration and adventure seeps in to Athan's visual media and helps define his work.

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